Kirala Kitchen

One of Japans most refined and delicate cuisines, kaiseki, has been introduced to Hong Kong at Kirala Kitchen at Henry House in Causeway Bay. Kaiseki, which literally means stone in the bosom and is also known as Kyo Kaiseki Ryori or Kyoto Banquet cuisine, is the ancient traditional multi-course meal made from finest seasonal produce available at a particular time of the year. Kaiseki is revered among aficionados of Japanese fine dining as an art form: balancing taste, texture, appearance and colour. Current seasonal highlights include steamed citron with sesame tofu and grilled soft roe; grilled taraba and matsuba crab in the shell; and deep fried seasonal fish rice served in a hot pot.

Kirala Kitchen currently serves two omakase-style dinner tasting menus of nine courses, priced at HK$1,200 and HK$1,500 respectively.

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