Spiritual Journey

Alila Villas Soori in Bali will be presenting a journey of relaxation through a Tibetan Sound Treatment workshop from July 26-28, featuring inspiring teacher and sound treatment advocate, Patrizius Wolfgang.


Patrizius has developed therapeutic methods based on his deep intuition and his years of experience working with thousands of clients. His teachings carry a philosophy which will not only help clients to use new tools, but may also allow them to integrate their inherent wisdom into their previous work, and whole life.Light Spirit, the Sound Treatment Centre in Ubud where Patrizius works as a Tibetan sound healing guru, offers Sound Treatments and Spiritual Treatments, which are designed to bring about calmness, well-being and relaxation, or to address psychological, spiritual and psychosomatic challenges. Its main aim is to bring spiritual integration through its treatments.


This integration has a therapeutic effect on one's psychological and physical health, by activating the deepest possible self-healing abilities of our being, and through raising awareness about the source of one’s physical, emotional or spiritual imbalances.


The individual treatments he offers are firmly based on his knowledge, his spiritual understandings and his many years of experience working in the field of natural medicine. In working from his sense of oneness, it allows him to intuitively tailor a treatment which is unique to each person he works with.

As well as treating clients on an individual basis, Patrizius teaches students from all over the world, training them in the philosophy and practical application of ‘sound and psycho-spiritual’ treatments, which aim to achieve relaxation and to address personal deeper issues.


Patrizius will open three sessions of sound healing treatments per day at Alila Villas Soori. Sound treatments are planned for July 26-28, 2012. A special 75-minute treatment is adequate to achieve relaxation and to address personal deeper issues. Participation in this unique sound healing therapy is available at IDR 1,100,000++ per person. Advance reservations are required.

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